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It has come to our attention that an individual by the name of Samuel Watson is falsely identifying himself as a representative of Wise Windows. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that this individual is in no way associated with Wise Windows or any of its other brand names, including Wise Tint and Tagban Anti-graffiti film. As such, we strongly advise that all business entities refrain from engaging in any transactions with this person.

Please be aware that Wise Windows and its representatives will not be held liable for any financial or other losses incurred as a result of dealing with this individual. We urge all our esteemed clients and partners to exercise caution and due diligence when conducting business with anyone who claims to represent Wise Windows.

We appreciate your continued support and trust in our products and services. As always, we remain committed to providing you with the highest quality window film, as well as exceptional customer service.

Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti-graffiti window film | Tag Ban

Antigraffiti Film On Sale Now

Anti-Graffiti Film Saves Time and Money Over the Cost of Glass and Mirror Replacement.

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Anti-graffiti film


Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film

• Save Money Over Glass Replacement
• Proven Protection 24/7
• Fast Graffiti Removal

Features of Anti-graffiti Film

• Nearly Undetectable
• Easy to Install
• No Disruption to Business Operations

anti-graffiti film

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Fast and Easy Graffiti Removal

Ant-graffiti window film

Anti-Graffiti film is a clear, nearly invisible polyester sheet applied to windows, mirror and other surfaces that protects against damage from scratches, gouges, acid-etching, tagging and spray paint. It is designed to eliminate the need to replace costly fixtures that can be easily damaged intentionally or accidently and proven a solution for reducing costs associated with graffiti removal. It is your best defense against damage to glass and mirror.

anti-graffiti film on mirrors


AG film acts as sacrificial barrier to protect property by absorbing damage and shielding the surface from destruction. After an attack the film and graffiti can be easily removed; the undamaged surface is then ready to be protected again with a new layer of film. Anti graffiti film can be installed quickly and easily without disruption to daily business operations caused by glass or fixture replacement.


Anti-graffiti window film


Anti-graffiti film is a low cost alternative to glass and mirror replacement. It can protect windows, mirrors and other surfaces from graffiti vandalism.Show More...It is quick and easy to install without the disruption to daily operations caused by glass or fixture replacement. Install it anywhere open to the general public: Stores, schools, commercial buildings, storefronts, malls, restaurants, restrooms and offices. Install it on most smooth, flat non-porous surface. It is designed to protect the surfaces it covers such as: Street signs, bus shelters, subways, trains, kiosks, restroom stalls, mirrors, display cases, elevator doors, escalators, glass railing, signage, counters or table tops. We furnish and install both 4mm and 6mm film. 4mm film is good for most applications while 6mm film gives even greater protection. ...Show Less

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Save Time and Money

Anti-graffiti window film

Anti-graffiti film is a low-cost solution to protect at risk surfaces from vandalism. It is a time saving, cost effective solution to defend against graffiti. It reduces the costs of graffiti removal and lowers operating expenses by helping to avoid expensive and time-consuming glass and mirror replacement.


removing a layer of anti-graffiti filmThe best way to keep your property free from graffiti is to remove it quickly. Rapid removal is important for protecting your assets and reducing the risk of additional attacks. The faster you remove graffiti the less likelihood more will follow.

Graffiti removal is expensive. You may have already experienced this cost yourself. Unprotected glass and mirror are at risk 24 hours a day. If you have glass and mirror accessible to the public, it is at risk of being tagged. It only takes a few seconds for an expensive fixture to be permanently defaced. If you have replaced damaged windows or mirror you know how expensive and time-consuming replacement can be.

Show More...Graffiti prevention and removal make good business sense. Keeping glass and other assets and graffiti free is an investment in your brand image. Anti-graffiti film can protect your property and shield your assets from destruction. Don’t let graffiti drive customers away. Get anti-graffiti film to help protect your assets and public image. Clean storefronts are attractive storefront that welcomes customers. They look cleaner, safer, and more inviting. Good customers see graffiti as a sign of a crime problem. It looks menacing. Give customers a reason for concern and they may just go somewhere else....Show Less

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Anti Graffiti Film is Fast and Easy to install and Costs Less than New Glass or Mirror

Graffiti Prevention is Loss Prevention; it is a cost of doing business. Replacing damaged glass and mirror is expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to regular business operations. With anti-graffiti film you can control the problem and cut the cost associated with graffiti vandalism.

Anti-graffiti film by Tag BanAnti-graffiti film by Tag BanAnti-graffiti film by Tag Ban

If you have a business open to the public your property is at risk. You can’t control who walks in or passes by on the street when you operate a business open to the public. You can’t block access to all vulnerable surfaces all the time. Some businesses remove mirrors from restrooms only to find their sinks, tile, stalls, toilet seats, wood, or stainless steel damaged instead. Removing fixtures is not a deterrent and only exposes other more costly and difficult to replace surfaces to attack.

Anti-graffiti window filmIn the war with graffiti vandalism anti-graffiti film is the best defense for glass and mirror. Taggers can permanently deface any surface they can reach. Anti-graffiti film is a cost-effective solution to protect against graffiti. It is nearly invisible and installation is clean, fast and easy. Its is wisely used because it is cheaper and easier than glass or mirror replacement. It saves time and money and offers peace of mind as it protects your property 24 hour a day.

Installing anti-graffiti film can prevent damage to the surface of your glass and mirror. If a vandal strikes the graffiti damaged film can be removed quickly and easily and new film can be installed that will keep your property clean and protected. AG Film protects property 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of glass and mirror replacement. Protect your assets before they get jacked up.

Anti-graffiti film can protect many types of surfaces including: Glass, mirror, marble, stainless steel, metal sidings and plastic. Once installed, anti-graffiti film is on the job every day. Consider anti-graffiti film for: windows, doors, elevators, escalators, mirrors, glass curtains, bus windows and bus stop shelters, kiosks, marble, ticket booths, ATM machines, gas station pumps, and more. It can also be applied in bathrooms, on display cases, and road signs.

There are other ways to remove graffiti from glass but it is messier, takes longer and costs more than installing anti-graffiti film. The process requires grinding the glass down and polishing out the damage and the surrounding area to the depth of the damage. It requires sanding and buffing which will leave the glass visibly distorted, thinner and reduce the strength of the glass.

The best solution against graffiti is to take preventative action and install anti-graffiti film. Applying AG Film is essential for protecting expensive windows from ruin. If your costly glass has been damaged, and you have paid to have it buffed out, we urge you to take the next step and install AG Film to prevent it from being damaged again.

Installing anti-graffiti window film is safer, faster, and a more environmentally friendly way to protect your windows. It makes more sense than glass replacement. It will not disrupt business operations and costs far less than the price of glass replacement. Depending on the type of glass and window you could save 50% - 75% and the savings could even be greater. The more costly the fixture the more sense it makes to install anti-graffiti film.

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Get Anti Graffiti Film: Reduce Cost, Easy to Remove and Replace, No Disruption to Business


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Our mission is to protect our customer’s property against damage and loss from graffiti vandalism.

Anti-graffiti film

anti-graffiti film

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We can shield your property and help you keep it graffiti free. If you have unprotected glass or mirror open to the general public contact us about installing anti-graffiti film. We can help you to protect your assets from incidental damage and intentional vandalism.

We can typically install your job within one to five business days. Emergency services are also available. We make every effort to ensure the best results with the least disruption to your daily business operations. With TagBan from Wise Windows you’ll get premium product and professional installations from a company that values your business.

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Anti-graffiti film