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What is Anti Graffiti Window Film?

We all know graffiti is a nuisance and costs businesses lots of money to remove it. Tagban has your solution with Anti-Graffiti Window film.

Anti-Graffiti film is a clear protective polyester sheet applied to windows and other non-porous surfaces to protect against damage from scratches, gouges, acid-etching, tagging and spray paint. Also known as anti-vandal film, it is nearly invisible when installed. It is a barrier designed to protect the surface it covers and can eliminate the need for replacing glass or other fixtures. Window film is a cheap and easy alternative to window replacement. Depending on the type of window or surface, a single replacement can cost up to twenty times the price of film installation. Having your glass, stainless steel or marble protected with anti-graffiti film makes sense. It is a good defense against intentional and incidental damage, and a proven solution for reducing costs associated with graffiti vandalism.



Graffiti is the Problem

Graffiti vandalism is more than just a nuisance; it is a big financial drain on public and private resources. You’ve seen graffiti tagging somewhere in your neighborhood, where you shop or some other public place. Graffiti is a group of letters or words scrawled on windows, mirrors, buildings, walls, trains, overpasses, buses, desks, or anywhere a tagger can reach. It costs all of us money whether we know it or not.

Businesses and cities everywhere are being damaged with the ever-increasing crime of graffiti vandalism. Maybe your property was damaged by vandals who tagged on glass, mirrors, store fixtures or elsewhere on your building using tools that scratch glass or acid for etching glass, permanent markers or spray paint.

Graffiti Aid Window film  

Tagging is more widespread now than ever before. It can happen anywhere at any time on a whim. Property crimes related to graffiti vandalism continue to rise throughout Southern California despite efforts to fight the problem. Graffiti harms more than just the surfaces it ruins. Graffiti that is allowed to remain up impacts property values, occupancy rates, retail sales, and increases fear in consumers. Businesses that are noticeably tagged with graffiti are less likely to be shopped than businesses without it and vacant property stays vacant longer. According to the National Association of Realtors, properties located in neighborhoods where graffiti is prevalent lose roughly 15% of their value. More and more property owners and managers are installing anti-graffiti film as a cost effective, time saving solution for defense against graffiti vandalism. It will help you avoid replacing expensive glass, protect sales and your property values.


Graffiti Attracts More Graffiti

Graffiti Aid Window FilmGraffiti vandalism is on the rise in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. There is more graffiti vandalism today than ever before. Allowing graffiti to remain up on your property sends the wrong signal to taggers saying it is a safe place to add more. Graffiti left up is an invitation to other taggers to add more graffiti. It entices them to pile on and add to the damage. The tagger subculture is “Monkey see monkey do” world. That is why quickly removing tags helps prevent additional incidents, and allowing graffiti to remain on your storefront, restrooms, or fixtures invites more.

Removing graffiti quickly is important when working to limit graffiti cleanup costs.

Government studies have shown that quickly removing graffiti significantly reduces the likelihood of a second attack. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, an exterior that shows indifference attracts vandals. Ignoring graffiti tells vandals that property owners don’t care. Rapid removal of graffiti is the only way for business and property owners to preserve their customers’ sense of security, protect the appearance of their property, and keep additional graffiti away.

Estimates on the annual cost of cleanup and removal of graffiti in the United States are debatable. The cost is probably between $8 to $25 billion dollars annually. The wide range in estimates is because much of the money spent in the private sector goes unreported. You may have already experienced the expense of removing graffiti if your building or store is located in an area harassed by tagger vandalism. If you have replaced windows damaged by tagging in the past, you know how expensive and time consuming it is to replace glass. You may be interested to know that investing in anti-graffiti film is a wise business practice and a low cost solution to keep graffiti taggers from destroying your glass and other at risk surfaces.

Graffiti Aid Window FilmAnti-graffiti film is virtually unnoticeable. It protects the surfaces it is applied to from paint, scratches, markings and acid etching. Vandals tag glass because they know it is time consuming and costly to replace. They know some places will leave the damage up and their tag will be a landmark. The longer their tag stays up, the more others will pile on and the damage will multiply. The sooner graffiti is removed the less likely it will return. The best way to keep your property graffiti free is with the “out of site, out of mind” approach. When you leave graffiti up you will eventually see the copycat nature of tagging.

Businesses can fight graffiti with preparedness and regular upkeep. Keeping up the appearance of business and school facilities helps avoid attacks. It’s not a question anymore of if your property will be tagged, Graffiti Aid - Anti Graffiti window filmbut when. It can happen at anytime. Taggers have the advantage. Time is on their side. It only takes a few seconds to “get up” a tag and destroy a pricey piece of glass, mirror, stainless steel or marble. It only takes a tagging crew one night to destroy tens of thousands of dollars of glass. When a tagger “gets up” in your store or on your glass, if it is left up, you will become the victim of the monkey see monkey do mentality of taggers and you will see more damage appear soon. When a tagger sees someone else’s tag up they want to get theirs up too. Statics show the longer graffiti remains on a window or a wall the greater the likelihood more will follow.

By removing graffiti quickly, you discourage vandals who don’t get the recognition they want. Anti-graffiti film helps you be prepared for the worst. Your unprotected glass is exposed 24 hours a day everyday. Ask Tag Ban how to shield your property against damage and safeguard your assets from the crime of graffiti vandalism. Invest in anti-graffiti film today. Call us at 909-231-9398.


Graffiti Causes Distress

Tag Ban - Anti Graffiti Window FilmGraffiti removal and prevention makes good business sense. Protecting glass and other assets is an investment in your brand’s image. Anti-graffiti film will help you take care of what is yours. It will protect your windows and your public image. A clean and attractive storefront welcomes customers and encourages them to enter your store. A storefront affected by graffiti makes customers believe a place is unsafe, and they will go somewhere else.

Graffiti aid - Anti graffiti window filmStore fronts without graffiti look cleaner, feel safer, and are more inviting to customers. People think graffiti is an indication of gang activity and evidence of a crime problem. Only 10% of graffiti is gang related, but most of your customers can’t differentiate between vandalism and gangland graffiti. It is distressing and offensive to most of us. It looks menacing and it causes distress and apprehension in your best customers. Neighborhoods where graffiti is allowed to remain feel less safe than those without it and its presence leads to more graffiti. Businesses can not afford to let graffiti drive customers away. People avoid areas and places where they feel unsafe. They will replace you with your competitor, and they wont come back to tell you why.


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