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Why Anti-Graffiti Film

Graffiti vandalism is costly to remove. Many times it can’t be removed and the damaged surface needs to be replaced. Vandals target window glass and other surfaces using etching tools, acid, spray paint and permanent markers. Take control of the problem of graffiti vandalism with anti-graffiti film.

The best solution to the problem of graffiti tagging is clear anti-graffiti film.


Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmTagging is widespread and the use of anti-graffiti film is becoming more popular because it is cheaper and easier to replace than what it can protect. It also has many other benefits you don’t get from untreated glass.

The best defense in the battle with graffiti taggers is clear anti-graffiti film. Taggers can permanently deface glass or any other surface they can reach by scratching, acid etching, or writing with permanent markers and spray paint. Anti-graffiti film is cheap insurance against vandalism. Installation is quick, clean and easy. Professionally installed, anti-graffiti film is nearly invisible. It will save you time and money and give you peace of mind as it protects your property all day every day.

In a perfect world there would be no need for anti-graffiti film. Unfortunately, our world is not perfect so it is good anti-graffiti film exists. No one likes to spend money on anti-graffiti film, but, the question is, can you afford not to? Glass replacement is always more costly even in the rare case where the cost of glass in dollars is approximately the cost of film. Graffiti is a fact of life and graffiti prevention, like shrinkage, is a cost of doing business. Property and business owners can’t avoid the graffiti problem anymore than they can avoid shrinkage. You are targets. You can’t hide from it and you can’t think it’s not going to happen to me, or happen again.

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmIf you have a place of business exposed to the general public you are at risk of being tagged. You can’t control who walks into your store or passes by on the street. We see the damage every day and are simply stating the facts. We are not social scientist. We do not theorize as to what is causing the problem. We have opinions, but this is not a forum for the discussion of social problems in America. The fact is graffiti exists and it is getting worse, but Tag Ban can help.

One way to limit the risk of graffiti vandalism is to control access to vulnerable areas. When you operate a public business or facility, you can’t always keep people away from potentially vulnerable surfaces. You can’t fence off the restroom mirror; rope off the front doors or barricade the display cases. Some business owners remove mirrors from restrooms and other vulnerable fixtures only to find Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window Filmtheir sinks, stalls, toilet seats, wood, or stainless steel tagged instead. Removing mirrors is less a deterrent than a challenge. Taggers will stop at nothing. They want to get their tag up and it really doesn’t matter much where. The more costly the surface and time consuming to replace the more likely their tag will become a “landmark” and the graffiti will multiply.

Getting tagged is frustrating and costly. Business and property owners can end up spending thousands of dollars replacing glass ruined by graffiti. Even when promptly repaired, they can often find themselves facing the same dilemma again when vandals return. The cost of replacing windows, mirrors and glass damaged by vandalism can be expensive, time consuming, environmentally unfriendly and a big disruption to regular business operations. It can be hard on small businesses to replace graffiti damaged windows. It costs time and money that may not be available for new windows. The comparison numbers below show the savings anti-graffiti film provides over glass replacement around the Inland Empire.

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmSomeone might think to themselves, “I just spent $300.00 on a window. I can’t afford another $100.00 on window film.” That is an unreasonable assessment. If they just spent $300.00 how can they not afford to invest $100.00 more? When they get tagged again, how are they going to afford another $300.00? When they get tagged again they get are on the path to more losses. The consequence of leaving graffiti on your windows is more graffiti, fewer customers, less business and less revenue. Can anyone in business afford less customers and less revenue?

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window Film

Tag Ban can apply clear anti-graffiti film to your vulnerable surfaces to combat graffiti vandalism and protect against incidental damage. Anti-graffiti film will give you peace of mind and prevent vandals from destroying your glass. It protects all day every day, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money replacing damaged glass. Tag Ban will help you protect your property with anti-graffiti film for a small portion of the cost of new glass.



Anti-Graffiti Film Protects Glass and Other Surfaces

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti-graffiti film protects many types of surfaces from intentional and incidental damage. After an attack the film is easily removed and quickly replaced. Replacing damaged glass or other fixtures is expensive, time consuming, and a greater inconvenient than replacing anti-graffiti film. With anti-graffiti film graffiti can be quickly removed and the surfaces protected again with a new piece of film. Some of the things you can protect include: Glass, marble, stainless steel, metal sidings and plastic. Consider anti-graffiti film for: windows, doors, elevators, escalators, mirrors, glass curtains, bus windows and bus stop shelters, kiosks, marble, ticket booths, ATM machines, gas station pumps, bullet proof dividers and more. It can also be applied in bathrooms, on display cases, and road signs. Protecting your investment from tagging should not be considered an option. It is easy with anti-graffiti film. Anti-graffiti film makes removing vandalism cheaper and easier. Call on Tag Ban if your property needs protection. We can help you determine if anti-graffiti film is right for you.

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmSome companies install surveillance cameras thinking that will protect them. Surveillance cameras are a good idea but a big expense and not a security system even though they are sometimes referred to as security cameras. A surveillance camera is only a security system when continuously monitored by a worker. A camera can video tape a tagger or smash and grab robber but they seldom lead to an arrest, and less often help you get any of your property back. Statistics show, besides auto theft, which is around 50% recovery, recovery of stolen goods is only 6%-10% depending on the category of items. The odds of getting your stuff back with a camera are not promising. Cameras will not prevent your property from being damaged or stolen. Unlike surveillance cameras, when the power goes out anti-graffiti film and security film keep on working. Cameras without window film are ineffective in the battle against graffiti or robbery. Security personnel do not impact much either. Patrolling property is a big, ongoing expense that, may limit, but, will not prevent damage. A security guard can not be everywhere at once. When their back is turned a tagger has all the time and opportunity they need to get up a tag. Once installed, anti-graffiti film is on the job all day every day. It is an excellent and cost effective solution to protect your property. It offers the piece of mind that, if you are tagged, you won’t get hit as hard in the wallet.


Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmTag Ban can help you prevent damage to your glass, mirror and other vulnerable, costly to replace surfaces. There are methods to remove graffiti from glass but it requires a lot of buffing that leaves the glass visible distorted. This process of graffiti removal consists of grinding down and polishing out the damage and the surrounding area to the depth of the damage. It takes far longer, is messier than installing anti-graffiti film, and will leave your view distorted. Grinding and polishing glass makes it thinner and can compromise the strength of the glass. Tag Ban is not a restoration business. We specialize in protecting assets before they are damaged. We install films that prevent damage from reaching the surface of your property. We can then remove the graffiti damaged film and reapply new film quickly and easily to continue protecting your property.

The only real solution in the battle against graffiti is prevention. For glass and other flat non-porous surfaces protection comes in the form of 6mm anti-graffiti film. If you have expensive windows buffing out the damage to salvage the window and applying film could be the lowest cost solution, but film is essential. If your glass has been damaged by a vandal and you have paid to have it buffed out, we suggest you to take the next step and install window film to prevent it from being damaged again.

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmFilm Saves Money versus Glass Replacement

Depending on the type of glass you have film replacement can be a huge savings over the cost of glass replacement. Money invested in film is a savings of approximately 70% on average versus that of glass replacement. You can replace film three or four times for the price of every one time you replace glass. The money savings adds up quickly.

There are cases in some older building with cheap single pane windows where it can cost almost the same to install new glass as it does window film when considering the cost of the materials and installation only. This comparison only takes into account the dollar cost of the materials and labor to install a window. It does not account for all the other factors: longer lead times with glass replacement (which leaves the tag up longer), the inconveniences and dangers of glass removal and replacement, disruption to daily business operations of glass replacement, and the many additional benefits of window film. Replacing anti-graffiti window film can be accomplished without any disruption to regular business operations and film offers many additional benefits over any type of glass and window construction. Nearly eliminating UV rays entering the building is just one.

Tag Ban Anti Graffiti Window FilmGlass replacement commonly costs $16 to $25 per square foot around the Inland Empire, L.A., Orange County and San Diego. Installing anti-graffiti window film to protect your windows costs around 25% or less of the cost of glass replacement. Consider this example; say you need to replace three single pane 1/4” tempered glass windows all 54”x73”. A fair price for that glass installed would be around $340.00 per pane. The price to protect that size pane with anti-graffiti film is approximately $120.00. Those are pretty large windows and to protect them with anti-graffiti film over the course of the year amounts to an investment of $1.00 per day for all three panes! Who can’t afford a dollar a day to protect a one thousand dollar investment? That’s cheap insurance.

3 x $340.00 = $1,020.00 Total for glass
3 x $120.00 =    $360.00 Total for anti-graffiti film
=   $660.00 Total savings

If you have to replace larger windows or more costly surfaces, the savings will be greater making anti-graffiti film an even better value. In newer construction, built under updated building codes and energy saving guidelines, it will cost more to replace the glass than glass in older construction. Depending on the kind of glass and type of window in your building the savings you get with film could be a lot more. The more costly the glass or surface is to replace the more sense it makes to install anti-graffiti film.

Saving time and money always makes sense. One window replacement can sometimes cost ten or even twenty times the price of professional installed anti-graffiti window film. Call us today for your free on-site evaluation and estimate at 951-600-1515. We serve the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Low and High Desert communities.


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