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The Solution is Anti-Graffiti Film


What is Anti-Graffiti Window Film?

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window FilmAnti-Graffiti film is a clear protective polyester sheet applied to windows and other non-porous surfaces to protect against damage from scratches, gouges, acid-etching, tagging and spray paint. Also known as anti-vandal film, it is nearly invisible when installed. It is a barrier designed to protect the surface it covers and can eliminate Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window Filmthe need for replacing glass or other fixtures. Window film is a cheap and easy alternative to window replacement. Depending on the type of window or surface, a single replacement can cost up to twenty times the price of film installation. Having your glass, stainless steel or marble protected with anti-graffiti film makes sense. It is a good defense against intentional and incidental damage, and a proven solution for reducing costs associated with graffiti vandalism.

How Does Anti-Graffiti Film Work?

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window FilmAnti-graffiti film is a wise choice for protecting windows and a variety of other surfaces from loses due to graffiti vandalism. It is designed to eliminate the need for replacing expensive glass and fixtures that can be damaged by graffiti. The film shields the surface it is applied on from damage once it is installed. When a vandal attempts to tag your property the film absorbs the abuse. It is then removed and replaced with new film to restore the unblemished appearance and protect the surface again.

Anti-Graffiti film can be used in a variety of places such as department stores, schools, commercial buildings, storefronts, malls, restaurants, offices and nearly any place exposed to the general public. It can protect a variety of things: street signs, bus shelters, subways, trains, kiosks, restroom stalls, mirrors, display cases, elevator doors, escalators, glass railing, signage, counters or table tops. When surfaces protected by film are attacked the film is simply removed and the graffiti with it revealing the untouched surface ready to be protected by a new sheet of film. It can be professionally installed quickly and easily without the disruption caused by glass or fixture replacement. Consider installing anti-graffiti film on any smooth, flat non-porous surface exposed to the public. Join the thousands of American businesses saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually by installing anti-graffiti film.


We sell and install anti-graffiti films from the best manufacturers in the window film business. Durable polyester and latest technology are used to ensure a distortion free view through the glass. A scratch-resistant hard coat protects against incidental scratches and a special adhesive is used to make the film easy to remove and replace. We furnish and install 4mm and 6mm film. 4mm film is excellent for places where incidental damage can be expected such as display cases or glass table tops. 6mm anti-graffiti film is superior protection for windows, mirrors, metal, and other surfaces needing greater protection from intentional damage. Contact us today to schedule a free on site evaluation and estimate throughout Southern California (909) 231-9398.

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti-graffiti film easily cleans with soap and water or standard strength window cleaning solutions. Whether applied to glass, mirrors or stainless steel no special cleaners are required.

Anti-graffiti film offers some protection against breakage. It is not a safety or security film, but if you do experience a broken pane anti-graffiti film will help keep dangerous shards together protecting people and making cleanup safer. It also adds some resilience to glass making it a little harder for criminals to break through for smash-and-grab robberies. However, if you want to stop a thief, the best protection is security film with an attachment system. If you want more information about safety and security film, Wise Windows/Tag Ban can help with that too.


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