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Tag Terms

Like every subculture, tagger's use words among their group to describe their activities. In tone and terms the language they use shines light on the street mentality of the people responsible for trashing public and private property with graffiti. We put together a short list of words they use below here. This is not comprehensive list but enough to illuminate the mindset of this group.

Battle – A contest between crews, judged on hits

Bomb – Multicolored tag in large bubble letters

Buff – To remove graffiti

Crew – Group of individuals that tag together

Caps – (Fat/skinny) Spray can nozzles used to vary the style and width of paint

Fade – To blend colors

Fresh – Really good graffiti

Get Up – To put up a large amount of graffiti tags

Graf – Graffiti

Heavens – Hard to reach high areas such as freeway signs and the tops/upper floors of buildings

Hit/Hit Up – To tag

Landmarks – A prime location where graffiti won't quickly be erased

Mob – A whole crew doing graffiti on a wall at the same time

Piece Book – A tagger's sketch book

Pissing – Using a rechargeable pressurized devise to spray paint big, high and wildly

Rack – To steal from off the store rack

Streak – Short for mean streak, solid paint stick that looks like chalk and is used on dark surfaces

Tag Banging – To use violence to defend a tag

Toy – A new, inexperienced writer

Throw Up – One layer of spray paint filling in bubble letters that are outlined in another color

Wild style – A complicated piece constructed with interlocking letters

Yard/Train Yard – Gathering place

Tag Ban - Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Tag Ban - Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Tag Ban - Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Tag Ban - Anti-Graffiti Window Film

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