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About Tag Ban

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window FilmWhy choose Tag Ban to install anti-graffiti film for your Windows?

Tag Ban is fighting the battle against graffiti vandalism. Tag Ban is the safety and security division of Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds. Our mission is to protect your investment against damage and loss. If you have exposed glass or other vulnerable surfaces accessible to the general public you owe it to yourself, your corporate image and your bottom line to install anti-graffiti film. We help property owners and managers improve, maintain and protect their assets. We protect glass and other surfaces against intentional and incidental damage, break-ins and broken glass hazards. We work with you to evaluate your needs and shield your property to keep it safe, secure and graffiti free.

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window FilmWise Windows/Tag Ban carries premium window films manufactured by the most recognized brand names in the industry: 3M, Solargard and HanitaTek. Wise Windows/Tag Ban is an authorized 3M window film dealer. World renown for quality and innovative products, 3M window films are no exception. 3M is the first company ever to hold a patent on window film. All of our manufacturer’s products work well and offer distortion free views through the glass.

Wise Windows/Tag Ban backs all of our residential solar control window film installations with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for most films. Commercial customers receive up to twelve years manufacturer’s warranty on solar control films. You can be confident the film will last beyond its estimated years, and will adhere without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating. Our manufacturers utilize the latest film production technologies, premium polyesters and adhesives to produce the world’s finest window films. The warranties on the products we sell are among the best in the industry.

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window Film

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Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds can help you find the right product for your building and budget. We are a fully licensed and insured window coverings contractor. We specialize in all type of window film and window covering sales and installations. From residential homes to commercial, retail, or office setting, we have the right window coverings and window films to fit your budget, match your décor and improve your interior comfort.

We sell blinds, shades and custom wood shutters. All of our window coverings are made to measure to insure a proper fit that is just right. Our installers are courteous professionals with years of experience in the window covering industry. We offer on-site services and solutions tailored to suit your needs. For more information about the window films and window coverings that can make your world more comfortable and your windows work better for you, visit us wisetint.com or call us today at 877-578-2717.

We can normally install your window film project within one to five days after you order. Every effort will be made and every precaution taken to ensure the best results possible with the least disruption to daily business operations or home routine. After your installation we will review cleaning, maintenance and warranty information. When you add it up – professional installations, premium product and a company committed to your satisfaction, you are sure to get many years of beauty, comfort and protection when you choose to work with Wise Windows and Tag Ban. Contact us today for a free on-site inspection and free total cost estimate. We are happy to help.

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window Film

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Do you need relief from graffiti problems, glare, and solar heat-gain? Do you want more day time privacy? Do you need protection to counter vandalism or safeguard your property against break-in through windows? Are you concerned about protecting your interior décor from fading? Whatever your concern and whatever kind of protection you need, we have films that will help secure your assets, increase safety, improve comfort, enhance privacy and save you money.


About Solar Control

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window FilmThere are a lot of advantages to using window films. By now you know the many benefits of anti-graffiti film, but solar control films have many purposes too. Commonly referred to as window tinting, solar control window films reduce unwanted heat and glare, and improve comfort and privacy. Other benefits of solar control films are energy savings and reduced interior fading.

Graffiti Aid Anti Graffiti Window FilmEveryone knows sun is unforgiving. Nothing escapes its harmful rays. Interior furnishings, flooring and artwork can all take a beating and show signs of fading and sun damage. The sun will ruin everything it reaches over time. It leaves them discolored, brittle and prematurely worn out. Applying solar control window film to store, office or home windows will reduce interior heat and glare and slow down interior fading. We have a comprehensive collection of solar control window films.  We can explain features and benefits of each category and type. We can simplify the decision making process and help you choose the right film for your location and budget. For solar control window film contact us at Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds (877) 578-2717.

Glare can create harsh conditions for employees and customers. This problem could easily be solved with window film.


3M Anti Graffiti Film

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